Linked Space is a split-screen co-op puzzle game where things in one world can impact the other.

ControllersPlayer 1 Controls
Player 2 Controls
wasd movement + e taking/placingijkl movement + o taking/placing
🎮 +
Left stick🕹 movement + a button taking/placing
ijkl movement + o taking/placing
🎮 + 🎮
Left stick🕹 movement + a button taking/placingLeft stick🕹 movement + abutton  taking/placing

Programming & Design @NoSoyBermejo

Art, Programming & Design @noisybass

Additional builds are provided if the web version does not work for you.


Download 10 MB
Version 5 Feb 25, 2018


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neat game with potential. however 2 minutes until finish was a bit disappointing.

love it!

please make another longer one

amaing game i reealy like the aspect you based it on

That is a nice game sir! The graphics are killer and the gameplay is very very polished for a jam game. Well done!

Nice art. But I can't seem to get (JIKLO) keys working for player 2. The arrow keys do work however but I can't interact with items.

Hey randy, we just fixed that, could you try now?

Thanks for fixing it. This game is mad fun. I wish it was longer sir!

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Thanks for the kind words, it's just a prototype we made in 48 hours, that's the reason it's so short :)