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From the end of the world is a narrative coming of age game about love, isolation and identity. Aine has just broke up with her girlfriend, and coming to a remote island in the middle of nowhere seemed like the best idea. There they will meet other wandering souls, figure out more about themselves and uncover the mystery that looms over the isle. It’s full of joy, hope, and silliness.


Inspired by games with a strong narrative, we set out with an idea, what if we followed that impulse of leaving everything behind? What happens then? From the end of the world is the result of that.

We talked for ages about doing a project like this, and finally made the decision to start around September 2019. We both already worked in games, but wanted to make something more personal. Something where we could express our feelings about life as we try to figure it out.


Alvaro Bermejo @AlvarBer

Yo! I'm the programmer/designer/narrativer , but what I really love are shaders.

I'm a human totally made of flesh and bones. Beep bep bop.

Laura de Castro @noisybass

Hi! I'm the game artist and I also help with design stuff. 

I'm a cat entuthiast that loves coding, sleeping and crafting all kinds of cute things!



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Jan 14, 2020

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